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Are Baldwin Locks Worth the $$$?

One of the things that makes the Baldwin line of locks so exceptional is not their security features, which is more than adequate, but the intricate beauty and elegance of their locking systems. Baldwin specializes in many types of locking mechanisms.

Today, we will focus on their deadbolts. A deadbolt by Baldwin is very efficient at making your business or home’s door resistant to a forced entry. A deadbolt lock can be described as a lock bolt that doesn’t work with a spring and can only be operated by using its knob or the appropriate key. It cannot be easily bored, jimmied, or broken into and they have proven across the years to be effective at resisting most forms of forced entry tactics used by burglars. The price of a Baldwin lock is usually dependent on its design and features.

For a Baldwin lock at a price that’s right for you, call us at 949-667-2424 or 949-522-550.

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Dawid Brook
Dawid Brook

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